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Sales tips for Microsoft Dynamics Partners

9 July 2015
Written by
Helayna Lowe
As a Dynamics Partner, it’s vital that you explain to your customer, the end-user, just how much they stand to gain from the services. If you offer a customised solution, you need to convince the customer’s development team that your solution suits the specific needs of their business. Likewise, if you’re selling a packaged solution, you need to show just how quickly it can jump out of the box and hit the ground running. Here are some of Microsoft Dynamic’s best selling-points. 1. Huge online training resources If your customer is naïve with Microsoft Dynamics or their development team hasn’t used the products before, a great reassurance you can offer is the wealth of training resources available: both online and through many thriving community platforms such as DynamicsFeed. These free resources can be supplemented with whatever tailored customer service option you provide your clients. 2. Horizontal and vertical flexibility Something customers will really appreciate is the flexibility of Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions. For ambitious SMEs whose businesses are expanding, their solution can grow with them as CRM, AX and NAV are completely scalable. For businesses that operate in a specific industry, such as manufacturing or finance, Dynamics solutions can be moulded to suit the needs of that industry. 3. Mobile-first (everyone, anytime, anywhere) Businesses now recognise and are preparing for the drastic changes that mobile-first and cloud-oriented functionality will bring to the global workplace. Meeting these needs is easy with Microsoft Dynamics, and this fact should be well communicated to the future-conscious customer. Everything that Microsoft is up to at the moment is oriented around mobile-first design and the expansion of their Azure cloud service: which is already trusted by 20 million businesses worldwide. Cloud platform integration really is at the heart of Microsoft vision of the future, and as business utilised more and more mobile devices and need-specific apps, you can assure your customers that Microsoft Dynamics is well prepared to meet the business needs of the 21st Century. 4. Constantly improved CRM, AX and NAV are constantly being patched with upgrades to improve functionality. All upgrades are advertised in advance and explained on Microsoft’s TechNet library page. This lets you see the new functionalities that are bolted on to existing features on an almost monthly basis. This is one of the benefits of these products being subscription-based services, as opposed to products that you take out of the box once. To check out future updates, see the Road Map that was revealed this spring. 5. Huge talent pool Furthermore, Dynamics Partners have the luxury of being able to point their customers to the huge global talent pool that exists for dynamics skills. This means that even if the customer’s business does not possess precise skills and knowledge to maximise their Dynamics use at the moment, it will be easy to find those skills anywhere in the world. Conspicuous is a great place to find those skilled Dynamics developers and professionals you need to get the most out of Dynamics’ powerful tools. If you’re a Dynamics Partner, join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to discover and share sales tips and tricks. For the latest Dynamics jobs, visit our site, or… Give us a call on +44(0)1483 233 000.

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