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Top tips for preparing for a telephone or video interview

9 September 2019
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Once you have tidied up your CV and applied for a new role, often if you are successful, you will then have a telephone or video interview. Here is our advice on how to make your interview successful to take your application to the next stage.

Test your technology

Your interview may require the use of video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Teams or Skype for Business. Please make sure that you have the latest updates and have a test video conference with a friend or family member. Find a quiet and well-lit area in your home and test the video quality and sound. If you are having a telephone interview, make sure that your phone is fully charged or use a landline in a quiet area of your home. If you are having a telephone interview and you are using your mobile, make sure you are in a part of your home that has the best signal, is quiet and free from distractions.

Dress professionally

Aim to dress the same as you would for a face-to-face interview (smart clothes such as a suit or shirt/blouse). Even if you are having a telephone call and won’t be seen, dressing for work is a good way to get into a professional mindset. It is important to make as much effort with your attire for a video conference as you would with a standard interview. This will showcase your professionalism and dedication to the role.

Prepare for the video interview

You need to prepare as if you would for any face-to -ace interview with examples of competency-based questions. Remember to do your research, look at the company’s website and social media, and if you know someone who works at the company who may have a similar role, arrange an informal chat if this is appropriate. Your questions should showcase your passion and commitment to the role such as questions relating to continuing professional development opportunities. Remember to make a note of your questions to prepare you for the interview.

The interview

Use body language and hand gestures where appropriate to show you are engaged. Be aware of your posture and make sure you are sitting comfortably. The questions that you have prepared could be asked at the end of the interview; however, in some cases there may be an opportunity to ask questions during the session. It is important to speak clearly and listen carefully as there may be a slight time delay in the equipment you are using. If on a video call, remember to make eye contact with the person you are speaking with and use facial expressions to demonstrate your enthusiasm.

If you’re looking for that new role and would like further advice on telephone and video interviews, our teams can help. Please get in touch with our consultants today.

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