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Partners: Three Key Considerations for Your Microsoft Dynamics Business

10 June 2018
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It is clear that the Microsoft Dynamics business is currently going from strength to strength. With more and more resources being poured into the tech by Microsoft, and increased sales due to improved user-experience and functionality, now is a great time to be focussing your business on Dynamics. There are a number of things that make establishing and growing a Microsoft Dynamics-focused business more complicated than it used to be. From the growth and prevailing dominance of the cloud and IoT tech, to the difficulty surrounding specialist Microsoft Dynamics recruitment, Dynamics is not the simplest industry to stay ahead of, and succeed in. However, by adjusting your plans for these considerations, you can make sure your new Dynamics business in the UK or US is a success.  
  1. Supply of Dynamics resource
Over the years, there have always been tales of the ebb and flow of talent in the Microsoft Dynamics arena. This is particularly prevalent in the UK, where wages have just started to rise faster than the rate of inflation as companies are being forced to up salaries to fill their existing vacancies. However, when you zoom in on the technology sector, and particularly in Microsoft Dynamics, the talent is very much available. Conspicuous is a Microsoft Dynamics recruitment specialist, helping to match the best Dynamics resource with the right company, creating good relationships and providing consultative advice along the way. For some businesses, the big choice is deciding whether to hire somebody permanent to work across all development tasks, or to hire a number of specialist consultants on a temporary basis to complete specific jobs. Both routes are effective depending on the needs of the business. For Microsoft Dynamics Partners who will be building custom solutions for a range of clients, it can make sense to hire a permanent team of Dynamics experts who can be nurtured and trained in-house. Of course, this is effective if you have log-term prospects and a regular pipeline. For those who require less regular, specialised resource, then hiring a consultant on a contract or day rate could be advantageous. Your Microsoft Dynamics recruitment consultant should be able to guide you in your search for the right solution.  
  1. The race to the cloud 
One of Satya Nadella’s core actions as head of Microsoft has been to help businesses, teams and individuals to undergo digital transformation, effectively helping to integrate new systems and streamline operations. Microsoft Azure cloud technology has been fundamental to this, and it has had a significant impact on all of Microsoft’s productivity software, including Microsoft Dynamics. Now more than ever, Microsoft Dynamics experts need to be as comfortable working online as they are using on-premises versions of software. With Microsoft’s CRM and ERP solutions both integrated heavily into Office 365 and Outlook through the cloud, businesses now have the ability for all of their productivity tools to talk to one another, making life that little bit easier. However, this means your Dynamics team needs to be comfortable working across a breadth of technologies, both on and offline.  
  1. From big set-up fees to smaller monthly fees…
One of the largest challenges for Microsoft Dynamics Partners is the way that revenue is collected. For example, for more traditional on-premises implementations, larger up-front costs could be charged, along with smaller bite-size maintenance fees. With the move to the cloud, and a more SaaS approach, the large up-front fees are going in favour of smaller monthly fees. This means that Partners will really need to look at their existing models to see whether they are suitable going forward, and potentially make substantial changes. Looking at Microsoft Dynamics generally, it's clear that the solution is encouraging more individuals and businesses to adopt it. There's so much more to take advantage of as a Microsoft Partner, especially when you use Conspicuous for your Dynamics recruitment in the UK and US, and these are just three big areas for consideration when you’re setting up your Microsoft Dynamics business.

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