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NAV – MasterVAR to be set up in the UK

6 October 2013
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The latest rumour to come out of Microsoft HQ is that Dutch MasterVAR, QBS is to become the UK's MasterVAR for Dynamics NAV.

Here at Conspicuous we have been lead to believe a seasoned NAV Professional is leaving Microsoft after over 5 years to set up the UK's division of QBS.


As a MasterVAR, QBS is looking to add value to the smaller Partners. QBS are looking to provide qualified leads, get involved with the Partner's sales process and most importantly the MasterVAR will deal with Microsoft on your behalf. QBS will process all license orders and manage the renewals.


Microsoft has repeatedly expressed their desire not to work with the smaller Partners as they find that their license fee revenue is not high enough. Ironically, historically here at Conspicuous we have found these smaller Partners like larger partners provide excellent NAV solutions.  Currently the larger Partners will have a choice to work directly with Microsoft or through this third party, the MasterVar.

It is rumoured that the MasterVAR will get a percentage of each new and renewed licence purchased from Microsoft on behalf of the Partners. If the rumours are all through, we believe the QBS business model should be a lucrative one!

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