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More AI Features for Dynamics CRM Professionals

26 September 2018
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According to a report by Search CRM for Dynamics CRM professionals, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM platform has now been updated with additional AI-driven BI tools for sales, marketing and service.

At the Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2018, James Phillips, corporate vice president of the vendor’s business application group, said that the new Dynamics 365 update would turn Dynamics CRM into a business intelligence tool. How would it do that? By incorporating AI-driven analytics to help individuals, teams and whole organisations make smarter choices about their leads and existing customers.

According to analyst Kate Leggett from Forrester Research, the new update will reach a wide group of end-users across a number of different fields:

"What Microsoft is really excelling at is infusing AI into all their applications to help the business user--whether it is a marketing or salesperson or customer service agent--make the right decisions for that particular interaction.”

At the event, Philips suggested that the new update would help Dynamics CRM professionals produce business solutions that CRM end-users could be proud of. As Philips says, currently, CRM “is not a category of software that people are deeply in love with”.

He says "a salesperson sits down and enters their leads and opportunities. It's for someone else, so they can track the forecast, understand the pipeline [and] whether you're doing your job or not.” In other words, it’s more of a surveillance tool.

A more personalised experience

At the summit, a number of different individuals from businesses were brought onto the stage to provide examples of how Microsoft’s BI intelligence could be used  to better their organisations. Tammy Mihailidis, vice president of digital customer engagement at Polaris who producer power sport vehicles, told the crowd that the tools helping her business provide a more tailored customer experience.

Phillips then suggested that the new features would be able to help the team at Polaris focus their attention on the important issues and guide them toward success.

As Philips says, it “isn't simply about keeping track of what I am doing”, alluding to the ways in which most CRM systems are currently used as surveillance tools by managers to see whether their sales associates are reaching their targets.

Helping Dynamics CRM professionals to innovate

Microsoft Dynamics CRM professionals can integrate the new tools at many different stages across the platform. For example, in the Polaris example, a chatbot could answer questions from potential customers, productive lead scoring could recommend sales staff focus on a particular lead, helping to bring in the customer.

These new AI-powered solutions built into Dynamics 365 CRM are bound to help organisations to innovate in new and exciting ways. For Microsoft Dynamics professionals, they enable developers, product managers and others to build more intricate, granular solutions that will allow businesses to more easily acquire new customers, so everybody wins.

If you’d like to speak with a member of the Conspicuous team about how your business can build on its existing Dynamics resource to help build more advanced Dynamics CRM solutions, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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