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Microsoft Dynamics Community Speaks on Return to Office

24 June 2020
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We recently reached out to our network of Microsoft Dynamics professionals, veterans and newbies alike, to see what people’s thoughts are on returning to the office after Covid 19. 

The results are now in and they might surprise you!

Read down to find out what the Microsoft Dynamics community think about returning to the office. 

The current switch to remote working

  • Covid 19 has forced everybody, regardless of industry, to rethink how they work.    

The question is: DOES the Dynamics community want to return to the office after all this is over?

Asking the Dynamics community

We decided to create a poll to take the Dynamics industry’s temperature on whether people – consultants, developers, sales people or otherwise, are ready to head into the office, spend a mix of time in the office or working from home, or actually want to continue working from home. 

We received over 500 responses from our community, over 7 days (June 4th - 11th) and the results are now in. 

What we found

40% of respondents want to work from home every day.  

5% of respondents want to work from an office every day.

General consensus is that WFH is MORE PRODUCTIVE than working from an office.

Generally, our community recognise the need for F2F meetings – particularly those working in sales.

So now we’d like to take this to the next level and ask:

Hiring managers: how will you be adapting your hiring strategies? 

If you’re a go-to hiring manager at your business, we’d like to hear from you. 

Fill out our quick, one-minute survey and tell us whether you’ll be offering more relaxed work options for your new hires.

Complete the survey

Learn what other hiring managers are doing to attract the best candidates to their business.

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