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Introducing Dynamics 365 Project Operations by Microsoft

20 May 2020
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Microsoft is launching a new application, Dynamics Project Operations, which will be available for 1st October 2020. 

In a nutshell, the new service is a business-oriented take on project management, enabling users to generate quotes, track progress, allocate resources, and generate quotes. 

Core functionality

We don’t know exactly what separates Dynamics 365 Project Operations from some of the project management functionality in Office 365’s Power tools, but we do know the aims driving this new application. These include: 

  1. More wins: Fast, accurate quoting, flexible pricing and seamless transitions through the sales pipeline mean more successful deals, more quickly.
  2. Over-deliver your projects: Use familiar Microsoft Projects PMing capabilities to speed up your project delivery.
  3. Optimise resource utilisation: Align the right people with the right skills to the right projects—improving quality and helping you retain top performers.
  4. Make reporting easy: Submit, approve, process and reconcile time and expense reports anytime, anywhere.
  5. Get more insight: Make faster business decisions through AI-driven agility and visibility across all teams, data, and processes. 
  6. Make costing easy: Understand your business’s profitability more easily, with great project costing, budgeting, invoicing, revenue recognition, compliance and more.  

Moving to a holistic position

More and more, Microsoft is talking about centralising its applications and software to create more powerful, and ultimately useful, tools for end-users. 

According to Microsoft Business Applications President James Phillips, the new app ‘connects cross-functional project teams, providing the visibility, collaboration, and insight needed to drive the success of project-centric organisations.’

Other than what’s above, we don’t yet know much more about Project Operations, other than it’s set to be a sure fire hit when it launches as part of the 2020 release wave 1 in October 2020. 

Until then, we recommend that you stay glued to our blog, where we’ll be consolidating all of the latest Dynamics news into quick reads. 

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