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Interview Topics for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Professionals

28 March 2018
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After 18 years working with some of world’s leading Microsoft Dynamics experts, we know what it takes to stand out. For candidates to be the best you must display a breadth and depth of knowledge – even beyond their niche area. This ability to comprehend the latest product updates and wider industry shifts, and provide a perspective, is valuable to employers. Here are some general interview topics that could supplement any Microsoft Dynamics conversation.

The commercial health of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Employers are looking for value. That’s why we advise candidates to show commercial awareness of their industry and area. Understanding how the financial and socio-economic climates impact Microsoft Dynamics, and then how new releases and products are performing, will interest employers who are impacted by these factors.

New product releases and updates

As a Dynamics professional, it should be second nature to understand the incremental updates and developments that Microsoft have planned. To do this, why not setup an alert to monitor Microsoft Dynamics 365 news? This service sends you daily updates on the keywords and topics you chose, without you having to look further than your inbox. Another great way to keep your finger on the Dynamics pulse is Twitter, especially when you follow key industry events. For example, the newly renamed Microsoft Inspire partner event is usually where the latest product releases and roadmaps are announced – event-goers keep us updated in real-time on Twitter when we cannot make it.

Optimising Microsoft Dynamics

Many companies have applications that run adjacent to their Microsoft Dynamics integrations. During your interview, you may be given a hypothetical scenario: When optimising your Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, is it better to migrate, integrate, or consolidate? Consider each methodology and the pros and cons. To do this, you’ll need to know the Microsoft challenger brands and products, and the latest integrations.

The future of Dynamics 365

How do you see the future of Microsoft Dynamics 365? What do you think it’ll look like in a year or two? How will it be adapted? Whether you base your thoughts on recent product roadmaps in your area, or your own intuition and gut, why not create your own vision for the sector. This could position you as a free but strategic thinker in front of potential employers. Another way to judge the future is to keep a note of where and how people are investing. Mergers and acquisitions are common in this area and often signify how the market is developing.

Dynamics 365 talent

In November 2017, Microsoft announced the general availability of their first two modular apps – Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract, and Dynamics 365 for Talent: Onboard. These easy to implement modular SaaS apps have been created to enable business users the change a single action, such as initiating new employees. These apps harness existing data, connect to the systems you already have in place, convey LinkedIn data, and connect to Office 365 and Dynamics 365, delivering concise results in a matter of minutes. Conspicuous helps our candidates achieve their potential in interviews, so if you would like to practice your interview techniques, or need additional resources, please get in touch with one of our expert UK and US consultants today on +44(0)1483 233000 or +1 646 878 6426.

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