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Improving Well-being in Your London Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team & Retaining Your Best Dynamics Talent

6 May 2019
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The average British worker considers quitting their job 16 times a year, and works an average of 34 hours and 26 minutes per week. Those are some of the latest figures reported by a recent 2018 poll from the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). Professionals with London Microsoft Dynamics 365 roles are working longer hours, so happiness in the workplace has become an increasingly important factor. Here are some ways Microsoft Dynamics employers can improve employee well-being. 

  1. Positive proactivity   

A negative work culture can result in poor mental health of employees. Adopting a more proactive and positive management style can help to alleviate issues before they even come up. Praise and other motivating devices can really help to promote a positive work ethic and culture, which will filter out into the wider working environment.

2. Champions and mentors

While it’s essential to have a strong leadership focus on wellness, it’s also important to promote well-being through dedicated, elected team members who act as ‘well-being advocates’. These might be somebody from your HR team, middle management or a trusted employee who is simply responsible for supporting employees through any issues.

Mentors or a ‘buddy’ system can also be a helpful way to provide employees with a network of support, if they find themselves in a situation that is having a negative impact on their mental health. 

3. Review and act

One you have some basic employee well-being principles and policies in place, it can be easy to rest on your laurels and not make any changes for a year. Don’t let this happen. Review your initiatives at regular intervals with the aim to constantly be improving them. Anonymous surveys are a great way to help you get a better understanding of the overall team mood, and this can help you to build a better programme of initiatives going forward. 

4. Be inclusive

We’ve already written about how valuable diversity can be for your team. Diversity can include a range of ages, ethnicity, religions, disabilities and world views. But a diverse workplace is not necessarily inclusive.  Inclusion needs to focus on individuals’ abilities and not limitations.

Celebrate the differences in your team and you will start to see your London Dynamics 365 team flourish. Benefit from new ideas, skillsets, engagement levels and ultimately, a boost in overall productivity. 

5. Be aware

If you want to help your workplace take its first step to being happier, make an overt commitment to your employees mental health. Introducing mindfulness practices, emotional intelligence skill building, meditation sessions to encourage exercise and healthy lifestyle suggestions are all ways to raise awareness.

If you want to test how open your London Dynamics 365 team might be about their mental health, you could send regular emails discussing mental health, and see what sorts of levels of engagement you get back.

If you’d like to speak to a specialist about your Microsoft Dynamics hiring strategy, please get in touch with our consultants today. Contact +44 (0)1483 233 000 for our dedicated UK team.

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