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Image is Everything in the Enterprise

19 June 2014
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So I’ve talked a little about Microsoft’s race for the bottom when it comes to NAV and what might be realistic to expect from a business that’s bent on world domination, but how does this work at the top? Microsoft’s always had a bit of an image problem when it comes to the FTSE 100; CIO’s didn’t (and some still don’t) want SQL in the datacentre and there’s still a hardcore of large enterprises favouring Blackberry over Windows Phone.  This is no different in the Dynamics space where AX hasn’t really been seen as an equal product to SAP and Oracle.  But is this still the case? Microsoft Dynamics and SAP There’s definitely a shift underway.  Microsoft is heavily courting the SAP channel and clients of mine who serve enterprise customers with traditional ERP solutions tell me that they’re planning on expanding their AX capabilities.  One SAP business I know that has long been pursued by Microsoft is about to take the plunge and start offering AX into its customer base.  But why is this?  And why now? This could be evidenced by another business I know who recently lost a deal to AX.  They lost it because the client favoured the AX UI and I think this is the ace up Micrsoft’s sleeve.  As AX becomes ever more ‘Microsoft’ in its look and feel, and the connectivity across the Microsoft platform grows, users are more drawn to the familiar interface. Will familiarity prevail?  Enterprise software shouldn’t mean having to learn a whole new way of dealing with data, people are not interested in having to manage multiple systems that are designed and presented in different ways.  They want their ERP within their productivity software and that’s where I think Microsoft really has got it nailed.  In changing its image, it could just win the Enterprise. Agree?  Think AX is about more than just a pretty UI?  Look me up at WPC – I’d love to talk.

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