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How You Find Your Next London Microsoft Dynamics 365 Resource

10 October 2018
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If you are a decision-maker in a business that is thinking about introducing a London Microsoft Dynamics solution, it can be challenging to know where to begin. With that in mind, we have produced a comprehensive guide to help you find the right resource for your London-based project. 

Step one: Understanding the scope of your project

The first thing on your agenda should be to work out the scope of your project as this will help you understand how much resource you’re going to require from an implementation perspective.

If you’re a SME looking to implement your first CRM or ERP system, this isn’t likely to equate to a complicated job with lots of moving parts. Therefore, you might not need to have a huge implementation team. Instead a single multitasker or small team might be enough.

On the other hand, if you are an enterprise business undergoing full-scale digital transformation, you might be looking at a project that lasts 12 months or more, even with a large implementation team.

Step two: Finding a London Microsoft Dynamics 365 team to match your requirements

One of your initial considerations needs to be how to build the right sized team to match the scope of your project.

If you are looking at a small implementation, you might only need one London-based Dynamics professional to help you on a contract basis. However, if the task at hand is sizeable, it’s likely that your team is going to be made up of a number of specialists and generalists: Some with a specialist implementation knowledge, others with proprietary knowledge of the business and what is required, and finally, others who are excellent project managers who will be able to keep everybody happy, both internal stakeholders and regarding external vendors.

The best way to achieve the right balance of London Microsoft Dynamics 365 resource for your organisation is to speak with an expert London Microsoft Dynamics consultant like those at Conspicuous who can help you match your project’s needs to the right team.

Step three: Permanent, contract or temp?

Once you know what the scope of the project is and the size team you’re going to require, you will need to work out what the scope of the contract required is going to be. Do you really need a full-time, permanent team? This can be very expensive, but if the project you’re working on will run over many months or years, it could be the simplest and most effective route.

Alternatively, you might discover that your project is going to require a more phased approach which means that having a full-time project team isn’t worth the costs. This is particularly true in London, where desk space comes at a premium.

Instead, hiring your implementation team on a fixed-term, temporary contract could help you plan your project scope and ensure you don’t run over budget. You will need to judge which is the best option for your project.

Once you have observed the above factors, you are ready to talk with an experienced Microsoft Dynamics recruitment consultant who can ensure you have thought of every eventuality and who can find you the resource you need. Speak with a member of the Conspicuous team for specialist London Microsoft Dynamics advice.

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