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How to Upskill in Dynamics

9 May 2016
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Remaining upskilled in any field can be a challenge. Within Dynamics CRM, AX, GP or Dynamics NAV the constantly evolving technology and ever-changing end-user expectations means that practitioners need up-to-the-minute knowledge and practical skills. This means Dynamics professionals require training resources that are available 24/7. Here are some of the best options if you want to be ahead of the curve.
  1. The Microsoft Dynamics customer portal
A fantastic place to start is the official Microsoft Dynamics customer site for the UK. There, you’ll find a full resource of e-learning materials that can be filtered by CRM, AX, GP and NAV, enabling you to drill down to the relevant courses. Select a learning plan and research the necessary requirements for certification and then start learning. All of the resources available are for Dynamics customers only, so you will need to sign in to the customer portal using your Windows Live ID, Microsoft Employee account or your Organisational account.
  1. YouTube
There are plenty of useful channels on YouTube for CRM or Dynamics ERP professionals. Examples include: Work through a series of tutorials or pinpoint the specific solution to a problem you’re facing. Either way, YouTube tutorials are a great way of upskilling.
  1. Podcasts
Help also comes in audio form. Podcasts like CRM Audio and the Enterprise Software Podcast offer a valuable snapshot of the CRM and ERP industry, providing industry-spanning news and diving deep into technical problems.
  1. Webinars
Webinars are used throughout the digital world due to their effectiveness in highlighting the learner’s concerns and the tutor’s ability to directly answer questions in real-time. A fantastic webinar resource is the Microsoft Events page, where you can filter the events to display webinars only. Plan these into your calendar and ensure you set an alert so you don’t forget to be online at the right time. A good tip to help you make the most of a webinar is to prepare a list of questions before the event. These will help you maximise your learning.
  1. A recruiter who cares
Looking for that next step on your Dynamics career? A good recruiter will help you find a job quickly and with as little stress as possible. A great recruiter will know everything about your niche and help to match you with the ideal employer based on their skill sets. Conspicuous’ consultants are experts in their field, so if you need pointing in the direction of additional resources, or want to know what others in your field are doing, please get in touch with one of our expert UK and US consultants today on +44(0)1483 233000 or +1 646 878 6426 for advice.   If you’re a candidate looking for that next role, upload your CV today.

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