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How to Build a Diverse Microsoft Dynamics Workforce

26 March 2019
Written by
Helayna Lowe

According to recent statistics, only 17 percent of the UK tech workforce are female. As a Microsoft Dynamics professional looking to build out a progressive, well-realised Dynamics team for your next project, it’s more important than ever to try and build out a diverse workforce. This isn’t just to fulfil quotas, but also because diverse teams have diverse opinions. So here are some of the reasons you should aim to have the most diverse Dynamics workforce you can.

  1. Elevate from within

How serious are you about having more women in leadership roles in your business? If you really mean it, a great way to do it is to develop a programme that helps women to fulfil their potential in leadership. Sometimes, people just need a bit of a gentle push to help them develop their leadership skills.

2. Consider your pipeline 

You need to build a recruitment pipeline that is inclusive. For example, you could make sure that at each stage of the interview process, you include a female interviewer to ensure you start as you mean to go on. Throughout the hiring process, consider your various initiatives and plans to ensure potential employees feel as though they are going to be valued and encouraged to perform their best.

3. Go straight to the top

Like all good work initiatives, they’re only going to be successful if you get buy-in from the people at the top of your business. You need your C-suite to understand your plans to ensure they’re taken seriously. The best thing you can do to achieve this with the least resistance is create the best business case for your plans: i.e., explain why additional diversity in your workforce will have a positive impact on your business’s bottom line.  

4. Explore different talent pool

While many Microsoft Dynamics roles are technical and require an IT degree or background, others, such as project management or business transformation roles do not. This means that, while there may be limited female candidates in the technical talent pool, outside of this within specific sectors, there are likely to be a number of other talent pools for you to conduct your search within. The greater number of talent pools, the greater the chance of finding suitable women candidates for your Microsoft Dynamics positions. 

5. Reduce requirements

According to a number of studies, when looking at job requirements, many women will not apply for roles where the job specification has overwhelming lists of job requirements. This means limiting your job description to the minimum could help you attract a more diverse list of candidates. 

If you’d like to speak to a specialist about your Microsoft Dynamics hiring strategy, please get in touch with our consultants today. Contact 646 889 1920 in the US or +44 (0)1483 233 000 in the UK.

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