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ERP in 2013

18 January 2013
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Over the last 15 years there seems to be a general trend of consolidation within the market. The number of solutions available to the SME market seem to be both getting much more sophisticated as you would expect over time but also the choice seems to be becoming far more limited in terms of vendors. 15 years ago Conspicuous would regularly have a stand at Softworld ERP in the UK. There was always a plethora of choice from the main players SAP, Epicor, Access, Sage or Damgaard to a handful of independent vendors who would have developed their own ERP to service the needs of specific industries or verticals. Over time both the number of solutions have dwindled and the number of vendors of ERP solutions have also dropped significantly. We are now left with a handful of major players including SAP, Microsoft, Epicor, Sage and Oracle. We have seen that in a number of New Business Sales cases the decisions that clients are making are not so much about the solution as the choice is more limited but much more about which partner they are looking to use and often we see up to 5 Dynamics Partners vying for the same business. We are expecting the next stage of the cycle to be a consolidation of partners and we are certainly beginning to see this in the Dynamics arena with a number of buy-outs occurring in 2012. Interestingly we are also seeing Dynamics Partners selling against each other, selling the same solution and their USP is what they can add on top or a reduced implementation fee. In 2013 further consolidation will be the key! Conspicuous is the leading Dynamics Recruitment Agency.  

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