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Elusive AX 7 assumptions

12 November 2014
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This year’s AXUG Summit has been and gone. There’s been relatively little chatter coming out of the Microsoft Dynamics development team about their next edition of AX, AX 7, previously codenamed “Rainier”. Here we’ll give you the low-down regarding all the information we’ve learnt over the past couple of weeks. What's next for Dynamics AX professionals?

AX 2012, first…

  AX 2012 is set to receive some new additions this year that will to significantly improve the user experience. At Convergence in Barcelona earlier this week, we discovered AX would be implementing machine-learning techniques facilitated by greater integration with Microsoft Azure, ensuring AX offers the best end user experience. However, if you’re working in the Dynamics business, you’re probably more excited to learn about what awaits you in the world of AX 7.

Introducing AX 7

  According to AX General Manager Dan Brown who spoke at the AXUG summit, we can expect to see AX 7 released in the tail end of the next year, and for the first time, we’re to see the AX client itself transfer over to the cloud. Taking full advantage of SQL Azure for deployment, features like employee self-service will now be found within a new browser-based client, as opposed to a Windows-based client.  The details were sparse on new features, but with the new additions to AX 2012: R3 CU8, we you can assume that you’ll see greater integration and optmised user interfaces. This probably explains why information on the new update has been so sparse recently: Microsoft may’ve wanted to keep focus on other product launches, such as earlier AX and the impending CRM 2015 shipping.

What does this mean for Dynamics employees?

  If you’re a savvy Dynamics engineer, programmer or general Dynamics buff, make sure that you keep-up with the latest AX 7 news to ensure you’re the most cutting-edge talent on the circuit.   From our perspective, we know how to find the right jobs for those wanting to learn new skills. We also know the companies that are best matched to our candidates, which is why our client retention rate is so high. We'd like to hear what you think. What will we hear in the next AX 7 announcement? Let us know what you think by commenting below.   

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