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Eight Ways to Retrain into Dynamics 365

17 January 2018
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For well over 17 years, Conspicuous has been at the heart of the Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, GP and Dynamics CRM industries. We are a recruitment agency with unparalleled knowledge and an expansive network that comprises some of the most high-profile companies in the sector. Put simply, we know Dynamics! We also know that as long as Silicon Valley continues to thrive and the digital age continues to boom, demand for software developers will remain high. And we also know that a career in software development has become so appealing, that many people are considering re-training to get a bite at the cherry. OK, so you don’t have a Computer Science degree, but you want to get into Dynamics 365 . The question is: just how easy is it to retrain into Dynamics in later life? It’s possible. Let the following steps be your guide:

1. Have clear objectives

Before you embark on your independent study, make sure you are clear on your end goal. What area of Dynamics 365 do you want to work in? Do you have a dream company in mind? What is the lowest starter salary you would settle for? Establishing the answers to these questions will help to set the parameters and focus your efforts.

2. Follow YouTube channels

YouTube is a great place for free online education and learning. To keep abreast of the latest developments in the field, here are some of the most useful YouTube channels that’ll take your Dynamics comprehension to the next level: xRMCoaches: Learn everything from how to customise an entity to an introduction to the Talent App in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics CRM Tip of The Day: This frequently updated channel teaches you such things as how to troubleshoot case creation in Customer Service Hub and explores Dynamics 365 Outlook Client vs. Outlook App. Magnifez IT Academy: This online learning portal is ideal for getting into the intricacies of Dynamics. With full demonstration videos and net tutorials, this channel is an ideal Dynamics companion.

3. Become a Dynamics Project Manager

If you’ve got some past/transferable skills in project management then perhaps entering a role as a Dynamics 365 Project Manager could be an ideal solution. By working as a project manager you’ll be able to gain insight into Dynamics 365 in a role that is not overtly reliant on technical ability.

4. Take Dynamics classes

If you’re currently working but want to retrain in Dynamics, then an evening or weekend class may be the best route for you. Here are a few Dynamics courses available in London and the Southeast: QA Dynamics: Classroom-based lessons covering Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 for Sales Management, Service Engineers, Administration and Developers. New Horizons London: New Horizons are computer learning centres with locations in London, Birmingham and Portsmouth. Specialising in Microsoft Dynamics 2011, New Horizons offers courses that are online live, remote mentored learning and eLearning. CRM Knowledge: Here a full range of Microsoft Dynamic CRM training courses (and some Dynamics CRM courses) are available for professionals seeking fast, 5-day boot camp certification.

5. Decide which of the Dynamics platforms you wish to specialise in

And commit yourself to learning it. Practice, practice and more practice. Budget that it will take at least 900 hours of consistent practice to score your first software developer job.

6. Find a community

Practicing with other aspiring software developers will really help you hone your skills. LinkedIn is home to a thriving community of professionals (both established and budding) working in Dynamics 365. Read the related articles to keep abreast of the latest developments and be an active participant of the message boards to get those initial questions answered.

7. Specialise

Become a specialist in your chosen area as opposed to a Jack-of-all CRMs. For example, if you want to build sports CRM solutions, don’t learn about finance ERPs. Focus your attentions on the area you’ve decided on and work towards becoming an expert in the stream.

8. Grow your professional network

Build on your existing connections and attend any relevant conferences in your area. There are a surprising amount of Dynamics 365 events happening annually up and down the country. Keep an eye out for Dynamics events on Eventbrite. Here you’ll have great opportunities to network and meet like-minded people with a passion for Dynamics. And, as you progress, Conspicuous will be there to support you. Check out our site for job vacancies and sign up to our newsletter for industry news.

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