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Microsoft Dynamics redundancies: Is the UK safe?

1 October 2014
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As news begins to filter down that the layoff of Microsoft staff has impacted the Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX teams in the US, and Microsoft not publicly stating precisely which roles will go in each subsidiary, it’s easy to become worried that this will negatively impact the UK Dynamics business. When organisational change takes place at a global level, and especially when it involves dynamics redundancies, it’s natural for a local subsidiary not to reveal any information.  But there are indicators if you know where to look.  

Dynamics careers still strong

A quick search of Microsoft UK's careers site gives you the answer.  If you use the search term “Dynamics”, 18 results are returned for sales, technical and marketing roles relating to Dynamics NAV, CRM and AX, and some of these are recruiting for multiple people. Far from being dry descriptions of what the job roles entail, each job spec offers a surprisingly rich amount of detail about the state of the business and the aspirations of Microsoft Dynamics in the UK – the spec for the Sales Director of Public Sector not only confirms that last year was Microsoft Business Solutions’ best sales year on record in the UK, but that they are also adding an extra thirty staff to the team.  

Growth, ambition and commitment

The addition of such a large number of staff across all disciplines points to confidence and commitment in the UK Dynamics market which is great news for customers and partners alike.  This isn’t a reshuffle or redistribution of employees – it’s about bolstering the team and bringing new blood into the business.  

Why is this good for partners?

What is great to see, are the number of roles that specifically focus on partner – here’s my top three: 1. Partner Technical Strategists: responsible for driving partner technical enablement to increase capacity and help secure through-partner wins 2. Product Marketing for CRM and NAV developing go to market initiatives to drive rapid market expansion and growth 3. CRM Online – Partner established to ensure delivery of a common Partner experience that enables profitable and rapid business growth for both Microsoft and our Dynamics Partners There are also roles focusing on ERP for Retail, driving adoption of AX in the enterprise, and sales investments to make sure that in every customer segment, and sector, Dynamics is the ERP solution of choice.    

Will this impact you?

With Microsoft significantly increasing the UK Dynamics headcount, and the growth targets that these individuals will no doubt carry, it will be interesting to see how quickly this translates into new business opportunities for the UK Dynamics channel. Let us know what you think by commenting below.   

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