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Dynamics NAV and AX – Is the Solution just too good to be upgraded?

31 May 2013
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Recent research has shown that 58% of Dynamics NAV and AX customers upgrade every 5 years or less and only 42% of customers are on the latest two versions. This has thrown up a couple of questions:
  1. Is Dynamics too good to be upgraded
  2. Is Dynamics too expensive to be upgraded
Within the AX arena the product tends to be so tailored to each client that the projects are so much larger and longer term that regular complete upgrades would be both costly and unnecessary. We are seeing the AX clients implement their complete solutions over a number of years, sit on the solution and then look to upgrade. Within the Dynamics NAV arena projects are smaller with fewer problems. With the latest version of NAV (NAV 2013) we are seeing a far higher amount of existing clients looking to invest in their ERP solution and upgrade and this must have something to do with the latest solution being so much more robust than previously There are of course other external factors that must be taken into account, for example the general economic situation and the feeling of it being time to invest in infrastructure after several years of minimal spend.  There may be the marketing of Microsoft and the account management within the Partners coupled with the general drive behind the Dynamics branding. Source for data -  

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