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Money – How to Answer the Salary Question if asked in a Dynamics 365 Interview

15 November 2017
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Ah yes, the sordid topic of coin. As much as we try and dress it up, very few people would be doing the work they currently do unless remunerated sufficiently for their efforts. Money has long been a natural bedfellow of work and is deeply rooted in all areas and at all levels of society across the world and indeed history. When it comes to navigating interviews it’s natural that money will be factored somewhere in your career decision making.  After all your interview prep work it can all go horribly wrong at the mere mention of a few numbers. Once the topic is raised mid interview it can go one of two ways:
  1. Too high and you’ll find yourself priced out
  2. Too low and you’ll lose out on your earning potential
There are hundreds of “How to Negotiate Salary in an Interview” blogs and articles online, but they all assume you have a higher level of negotiation skills on which to rely on. Not everyone is comfortable or even confident enough to steer a conversation based on money. To make broaching the subject easier, there are only really two figures needed to keep in mind in the runup to an interview:
  1. The figure you would realistically like to be earning
  2. The lowest sum you would accept whilst still being able to achieve/maintain your lifestyle
On a side note, when considering these amounts, it’s also worth calculating the monthly NET sum to determine how much that several thousand pounds is worth in terms of take-home. To help you work out what this could be, this website is very useful in the UK. At Conspicuous we will also give any potential employer an indication of your requirements having spoken to you about this. It is often the case that candidates are more impressed during the interview process and so salary requirements can be fluid depending upon the role and opportunity. Our advice would be to try to buy some time and bat any salary question away like a politician if you don’t want to say “yes” immediately. Our advice would be to buy some time and then ask us at Conspicuous to negotiate the salary and benefits on your behalf. For example: Q: “What salary package are you looking for?” A: “Salary is important, but for me the role, company and long term opportunity is more important” Q: “We would like to offer you £/$80,000 per annum. Will you join us? A: “That sounds very exciting and I am delighted you want to offer me the role. Can you please give me 24 hours (so I can talk to my partner) before I give you any commitments?” Conspicuous’ consultants have many years of experience helping our candidates achieve their potential in interviews, so if you would like to practice your interview techniques, or need additional resources, please get in touch with one of our expert UK and US consultants today on +44(0)1483 233000 or +1 646 878 6426. Contact the Dynamics recruitment experts today!

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