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Could Dynamics AX be the ideal ERP solution for the multichannel, multinational retail industry?

15 October 2013
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Finding the right ERP solution is crucial to the success of both large and small businesses. But in the case of the larger organisations, finding viable solutions takes on even greater importance as the business needs to be run across several locations simultaneously. This is particularly true for retailers, who need to offer their customers access to as much information and choice as possible. New solutions are important as business protocol can suffer when old systems are not fully updated, with Dynamics AX just one solution that is available but certainly one of the most effective end-to-end solutions on the market. As a leading Dynamics AX recruitment agency, Conspicuous can offer specialist knowledge in this area. Merging the old with the new Older systems are increasingly more expensive, while it can be virtually impossible to successfully link old and modern software. Furthermore it increases the need for compatible licenses, while the whole process is generally more expensive. Retail has changed significantly over the last 20 years and continues to evolve to become multichannel, offering the opportunity to sell goods in shops or over the internet, from the face to face transaction to mobile phones and tablets. Dynamics AX features a dedicated retail solution which is ideal for large scale businesses due to a flexible set of processes that can assist in solving any issue. It features several other modules, all of which are designed to offer assistance within the areas where it is most needed. This includes warehouse management among a series of other modules covering trade and logistics, POS, EPOS and asset management, as well as having finance at the core. As a result, the software package can be tailored to meet any specific needs providing a speedy and efficient solution to any industry, regardless of size. Keeping it simple Dynamics AX looks and feels like a Microsoft program and it is very easy to work as a result, making it exceptionally simple for somebody to get to grips with. The whole point of this type of software is to simplify the processes involved and make a company more dynamic as a result. In the retail world where competition is fierce and processes are carried out across many regions of the world, it offers a solution that can control the key aspects of the business. Issues which may otherwise be very complex to understand and manage are suddenly made more fluid. It is perfect for the retail sector due to its easy-to-use nature, while other solutions such as Oracle can not necessarily be specifically tailored to meet the needs of the retail sector and often when tailored come in at a higher cost. The same can be said of SAP which, despite featuring several customised solutions, does not offer the same levels of flexibility as found with Dynamics AX solutions. As a result, Dynamics would appear to be the most viable solution for large-scale multinationals in the retail sector, due to the sheer number of company needs that can be met, scalability and crucially, the return on investment.

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