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Attracting Value-based Job Seekers in Microsoft Dynamics 365

19 May 2019
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There are people whose top priority when looking for a new role in Microsoft Dynamics is money. Then, there are those who take a step back, and will make their employment decision based on additional factors such as the business’s values and mission statement.

This second type of employee are known as value-based employees (or job seekers), and research shows they can be a fantastic resource in your business. Here, we’ll explore what motivates them, how you can acquire them and ultimately, retain them in your Microsoft Dynamics teams.  

Why value-based job seekers are so special

Gone are the days a company or brand’s name is enough to attract candidates. That sort of loyalty is dead. 

Companies have to develop enough of a robust employer branding strategy to attract and retain top talent that will help to boost productivity and the positive trajectory of the business. 

Value-based employees aren’t as financially motivated as other sorts of employees, instead delivering good results for businesses who offer and promote the kinds of values they align with. As a result, they tend to be productive, positive employees who stick around.  

According to a study by Imperative, by way of LinkedIn, value-based employees are:

  • 54 percent more likely to stay at a company for 5-plus years
  • 30 percent more likely to be high performers
  • 69 percent more likely to be Promoters on Bain & Company’s eNPS* scale, which measures employee engagement and loyalty

How to attract value-based Microsoft Dynamics employees

The main thing about these sorts of full-time or contract employees is that they are the sort to be looking for deeper connections at work. This means that throughout the interview process, they will likely prioritize values and the company mission over money and status. Here are some ways to attract them:

A. Stop thinking functionally

Start by adopting more soft skill metrics as a key indicator in your hiring process. 

Do you think they’ll fit well with the existing team? Regardless of their qualifications, if the prospective employee talks a lot about their position in the team, and how they like to help others, they might be value-based. 

B. Build purpose into your employer brand

For this to work effectively, you need to make sure that your business actually has a vision, or company mission. Once this is crystalized, you need to embed it into your on-boarding process by telling your Conspicuous’ recruitment consultant about what makes your business and its people different from the competition.  

C. Be authentic

There’s no doubt that authenticity attracts value-based employees in Microsoft Dynamics. Don’t lie about what your business is like because once you attract the right people, they’re just going to leave, and they’ll tell others they know that you’re an untrustworthy employee. 

Follow the above A, B, C, and you’ll be well on your way to attracting the right value-based job seekers in the world of Microsoft Dynamics.

If you’d like to speak to a specialist about your Microsoft Dynamics hiring strategy, please get in touch with our consultants today. Contact 646 889 1920 in the US or +44 (0)1483 233 000 in the UK.

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