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A lack in resource for Dynamics Partners

22 October 2014
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After a number of conversations with Dynamics Partners, there’s a topic that comes up time and time again. In fact, I’m sure this will be a major conversation at the Dynamics NAV panel meeting this Friday. There’s a lack of resource, affecting profitability among Partners and Microsoft Dynamics. Agree? For the people prepared to listen, I believe the solution is twofold. First off, I think people need to be trained into NAV from other places. Whether that’s from other ERP solutions or as graduates, with a view to facilitating growth and advocacy for other products. The second solution, however, lies at the feet of Microsoft. The business must take responsibility to make cross-technology training happen, as both Dynamics and its Partner community begin to feel the pinch. Many are relying on increased resource for growth and continuous improvement.  

AX and CRM employees 

Taking a look at AX and CRM, Microsoft believes the best approach is to train individuals and then pitch AX and CRM candidates to their Partner network. My view is that this is fraught with issues. My biggest concerns are; where did the candidates come from? Who pays their salary during training? Also, which Partner gets first choice at Microsoft-trained candidates? Let’s hope it doesn’t become like the NFL draft, where both Partners and players are ranked for best fit.

Resourcing solution

In short, I think the ultimate solution sits with the Partners. It’s important for them to take ownership of whom they recruit and how they train those people. It allows businesses more flexibility, as using a mix of internal, QBS or Microsoft courses can help Partners to shape their own resourcing solution. Another upside of this approach for Partners is that Microsoft rewards businesses that train candidates, something that’s tiered based on volume of people trained. That doesn’t mean you’ll get cash rich if you train 1,000 employees, but I’m sure it should mean better licensing percentages or actively helping to increase sales. I mention this as I very much believe that only by all the Partners coming together to demand a solution from Microsoft, and by offering Microsoft a cost effective solution, will this happen. I’m looking forward to hearing the response from the NAV panel. Please offer your thoughts and comment too. For Dynamics NAV candidates visit here For Dynamics AX candidates visit here

For Dynamics CRM candidates visit here


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