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A Guide to Interviews for Dynamics AX Candidates

5 May 2021
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As recruiters, the best piece of advice we give to all our candidates is that preparation is key. When you are interviewing for a role it is important to show a potential employer that you have spent time planning your interview answers and researching the company. 

From a client’s point of view, they will be looking for someone who is both technically competent and will fit into their [if uk_office]organisation[/if][if us_office]organization[/if]. That’s why it is essential to communicate as best as you can, why you are right for the role in both of these contexts.

Preparing for a Dynamics AX interview

You are not expected to know which questions you will be asked, but our guide can help you prepare for the kinds of questions that will come up, and how you should go about answering them.

Hard skills questions

Here are 5 common questions that often come up in Dynamics AX interviews:

  1. What is Dynamics AX?

Answer: Microsoft Dynamics AX is a multi-language, multi-currency, industry-specific, global enterprise resource planning software product. It is part of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP family of products.

  1. What is the difference between the edit and display method?

Answer: The edit method shows that the method’s return type is to be used to provide information for a field that is used in a form, and the value in the field can be edited. Whereas the display method shows that the method’s return value is to be displayed on a form or a report, but the value cannot be altered in the form or report.  

  1. Why do we use virtual companies?

Answer: We use virtual company accounts because since they contain data in certain tables that are shared by any number of company accounts, users can post information in one company and it will be available to another company.

  1. What is the sequence of events while a report is generated?

Answer: The sequence of events is Init, Prompt, Fetch, send and Print. 

  1. Can you define AOT?

Answer: The Application Object Tree is a tree view of all the application objects within Microsoft Dynamics AX. It contains everything you need to [if uk_office]cusomise[/if][if us_office]customize[/if] a Microsoft Dynamics AX application.

Soft skills questions

The questions above are examples of Dynamics AX related questions that test your technical understanding and level of experience in the field. 

Your interviewer is bound to also throw in some other questions that are aimed at exposing your commitment to the Dynamics community on the whole. For example, they may ask questions of the following nature.

What does the Dynamics landscape look like right now, and where do you see it heading in the future?

When answering a question like this, there is no right or wrong answer. Instead, it provides a chance for you to demonstrate your passion for Microsoft Dynamics. We suggest that you read up on the annual Ignite conference so that you can impress the interviewer(s) with your wider knowledge of the Dynamics industry. 

Your Dynamics AX interviewer will also be looking to reveal aspects of your character, how you have dealt with problems in the past and ultimately times when you have triumphed at work. You can expect to be asked a question similar to the following.

Is there a particular project you are proud of, and why?

This type of question is a great opportunity for you to showcase a time you have performed well, your passion for the work you do and most importantly, that you are a skilled problem solver. We recommend using the STAR technique to answer it. 

Start by describing a Situation or problem you were faced with, outline the Task you had to complete, then detail the Action you took to deliver the solution and finally end with the positive Result that came from the action you took. 

Remember, an interview scenario is a chance for you to boast about the work you have done, so don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet. 

If you would like any further advice about what is expected of you at a future Dynamics AX interview, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are experts when it comes to Dynamics recruitment and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

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