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A Business Owners Guide to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

16 April 2021
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What is Microsoft Dynamics Business Central?

Business Central is an integrated management solution for small-medium sized [if uk_office]organisations[/if][if us_office]organizations[/if]. It can help you manage your business by automating and streamlining business processes such as finance, manufacturing, sales, shipping, project management and more. It can also be easily [if uk_office]customised[/if] [if us_office]customized[/if] to suit your industry.

Why does my business need Business Central?

Whether your business is small or medium, you need to be able to seamlessly manage and access your company’s data. As well as tracking data, Microsoft Business Central allows you to put it to work too. For example, it provides the ability to:

  •  Review the health of your business
  • [if uk_office]Analyse[/if] [if us_office]Analyze[/if] data trends so you can identify business opportunities, and 
  • Comprehensively review your business’ data history so that you can make better-informed business decisions in the future.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central?

No more silos

All of your data will be available across all of your business devices enabling seamless sharing of information between employees and processes. This means your employees can work anywhere and continue to deliver optimum customer service.

Do business anywhere

Mobile devices are fully supported by Business Central so that your employees can do their work anywhere. This includes access to inventory status, interaction history and interactive dashboards so that all data is available to the decision-makers of your business at all times.

Quick set up and easy scaling

You can start by selecting all the functions you need and then extend their functionality as your business grows by using PowerApps or 3rd party solutions. There’s no need for additional hardware when it comes to adapting the solution to your business needs.

Case studies

Here are some real-life examples of Business Central solving real business problems:

1. Liberation Group

A market-leading pub, restaurant and drink business in the Channel Islands needed a solution to the headache of operating a brewery and a large number of pubs across two jurisdictions with different pricing and regulations.

Business Central gave them the means to simplify the complexity of the business process by providing an end-to-end solution that automated and simplified their entire operation. This included a smooth automated process flow from receiving the orders of kegs of beer right through to invoicing and logging payments.

2. Webbs Garden Centres

With three flourishing stores offering many goods from gardening tools to bird care, Webbs were looking for a solution that would complement their business growth. 

This business opted for Business Central meaning they will benefit from new features such as:

  • Latest promotions
  • Reduced stock handling
  • Enhanced membership functionality
  • Replenishment
  • Ability to use handheld functionality on the shop floor and warehouse

3. H + H

H + H is a leading manufacturer of Celcon Blocks, with 28 factories across 8 European countries. In March of 2020, they decided it was time to standardize their business processes by implementing a consistent software platform.

After working collaboratively with the Microsoft Partner TNP, they are now deploying Business Central as their standard platform. With the help of Microsoft Teams, this has been a success so far, and their goal of having more consistent and scalable process management is becoming a reality.

4. Pennsylvania Trust

This leading wealth management firm offers investment management, financial planning, tax, trust, and estate solutions to help nonprofits, families and individuals maintain and grow their wealth. The problem they had was that they had outgrown their current software, and felt that it no longer fit with their strategy. 

Changing to Microsoft Business Central worked really well for their [if uk_office]organisations[/if] [if us_office]organizations[/if], especially because they felt that the interface was extremely intuitive. They were also grateful for a fully cloud-based solution. 

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is a cloud-based solution and moving your business there has many benefits including, cost reductions, scalability and business agility. If you’d like to discuss your business options further you can contact us here.

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