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5 Ways to Become a Better Dynamics Developer

21 April 2016
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  1.  Become CRM or Dynamics ERP certified

A sure-fire way to gain vital experience is to complete external certification training for your area of speciality – Dynamics CRM, AX, NAV, GP or SL. Recognised industry certifiers such as Firebrand provide courses ranging from 2 days to 2 weeks+, with varying associated fees. In some instances, your employer might be willing to cover the costs. If you’re looking for a Dynamics role, then becoming certified with the latest technology is a fantastic way to demonstrate your value to a prospective employer.
  1. Become a leader and take the initiative

In most organisations, power isn’t given: it’s acquired by those individuals with the initiative and become leaders. To be a better developer, help others conquer the tasks they can’t complete and in the process you will gain a broader set of technical skills along with management and leadership skills.
  1. Drill down

When working with code, best practice is to have a few concepts that you know in-depth. It could be advanced ‘find’ logic, or it might be how best to use grid filters. Line up your chosen topic with the work you intend to be doing in 6 months or a year’s time, and you will make yourself an invaluable resource.
  1. Good habits…      

…are difficult to learn but easy to forget. Sloppy code errors like poor indentation and other formatting imperfections are to be avoided. Learn best practices in your discipline and you will demonstrate key skills like consistency or good documentation and show you take pride in your work. These are highly sought-after traits, and displaying them increases your chances of promotion.
  1. Filter advice by senior talent

Don’t take advice from everybody. Learn from those who have more experience than you. We don’t recommend senseless copying, as you could pick up bad habits. Instead, focus on checking snippets of code from senor developers, look at their overall style and ask their advice as frequently as you feel is reasonable. This way, you’ll constantly improve. Improving your technical skills should be an ongoing, iterative procedure and the above 5-point plan will guide you to your goal. If your aims are to increase your employability for your next role, speak with our dedicated AX, CRM and NAV consultants today on +44 (0)1483 233000 and upload your CV to our job board.

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