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5 Best Ways To Impress at Your Next Job Interview

5 August 2019
Written by
Helayna Lowe

Getting an interview is the first step when looking for a new job. It’s what happens in the interview that will leave a lasting impression with your employer and secure you the new job. Here’s our advice for acing your next interview:

1. Do your research

The more prepared you are, the better you will come across and be able to answer questions calmly and accurately. Have a look at the company’s website and social media. In some cases, you may be able to arrange an informal visit to the workplace and talk to staff members. This will show that you are enthusiastic and genuinely interested in the role.

2. Dress appropriately

First impressions count, so be sure to dress the part. In the tech world, this might be more casual than corporate, so check with your recruiter for appropriate dress guidance. Usually, it would be advisable to have a professional look. For men, this may be a suit with a shirt and sometimes, a tie. For women, this may be a dress or blouse with smart trousers. It is important to feel comfortable and happy in your chosen business attire, as this will help you to feel confident and poised during your interview. Occasionally we have clients complain that candidates have arrived in sports wear or with the remains of their last meal on their clothes. As mentioned, first impressions count.

3. Be organised

Prepare questions to ask the interviewer about the company or role and come prepared with the job description and examples of your competencies or work. If the role is a temporary post, it may be a good idea to ask the interviewer if the role may be extended, made permanent or if another similar role may be available at the end of the contract. You could ask about continuing professional development opportunities that may be available. These questions will showcase your passion and dedication to your career.

4. Plan your journey and arrive with time to spare

Arrive between 5-10 minutes early for your interview. Unless it is an emergency, when you should try to call ahead – always be early, compose yourself and get used to your surroundings. If you are travelling by public transport, make sure you know the timetable and find out the walking route from the station to the workplace following your train or bus journey. If you are travelling by car, perhaps have a practice run and find out where to park, making sure you have spare change on you to pay for parking if this is necessary.

5. Follow up

After your interview, if you are using an expert recruiter, they will follow up with you to gain your feedback and also with the interviewer to provide feedback to you. If not, remember to follow up. You can gain valuable feedback and take this on board for future interviews. In some cases, with your permission, companies can keep hold of your details and select you for interviews for other posts, if you weren’t the right match for the particular job that you were interviewed for.

If you’re looking for that new role and would like further advice on acing an interview, our UK-based team can help. Please get in touch with our consultants today. Contact us on +44 (0)1483 233 000 or 646 202 1761

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