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3 biggest myths of IT recruitment

15 October 2013
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Recruitment is one of those sectors where those at the heart of it have to put up with a number of misconceptions. This is particularly true of IT recruitment, where the process can often seem quite sterile and predictable to those who ‘think’ they know how it all works. Below we have taken a look at what we think are the biggest myths which exist regarding the IT recruitment sector:   It’s all about targets, targets and more targets... for some companies The idea that sales targets are the only thing that matters to recruiters is a commonly held misconception by those from outside the industry. We believe the role of a recruiter involves a number of other layers; cultivating relationships with clients and candidates, developing entrepreneurial skills and consistently bringing innovation to the role. As a leading Microsoft Dynamics Recruitment Agency, at Conspicuous we prefer to place an emphasis on treating each candidate as an individual and understanding their differing career aspirations. When we do a professional job as a recruiter the targets become irrelevant as clients will come to us to solve their next Microsoft Dynamics recruitment need. Everything takes place online A vast amount takes place online in the modern day, with everything from shopping to socialising moving to an online setting in the last decade. Inevitably this includes the recruitment industry, although perhaps not to the same degree that many might initially assume. While it is true that the initial stages of the recruitment process are made easier by online applications, the process is impossible without a structured interview, ideally face to face as part of the initial process. It is absolutely crucial in order to gain a clear idea of a candidate’s skills-set, personality and their aspirations and hence to know which role will or will not match their expectations and future aspirations. Companies should keep searching until the ‘perfect’ candidate is identified It is probably naïve to set your stall out from the very beginning with a plan to find the ‘perfect’ candidate. A recruitment process is usually the ideal way to identify the strongest person for a particular role, but the chances that that person has everything you are looking for is unlikely. Characteristics such as enthusiasm and the ability to learn quickly should not be undervalued and these can often be more useful than wasting too much time looking for the ‘perfect’ person. At Conspicuous we often find that the recruitment process evolves to find the most suitable candidate in any specific time frame.

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