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Finding your employee

Working with recruiters


You have decided that there are advantages to working with a dedicated recruiter, but how do you avoid the potential pitfalls and make the most of the recruitment partner you choose to work with?

Advantages of working with a recruiter

A good recruiter will find you the right candidate and add value to your business by:

  • Saving you time
  • Allowing you to concentrate on your core activities
  • Having access to a pool of candidates you may not have sight of
  • Utilising in-depth market knowledge
  • Being able to sell your organisation as an ‘independent consultant’
  • Helping with the process from interview scheduling to closing the deal
  • Offering additional specialist services such as reference checking and psychometric testing.

How to work with a dedicated recruiter

Working with a recruitment agency is most effective when it is seen as a partnership with a constant two-way flow of information.

For example, exchanging information on:

  • The market conditions
  • Available candidates for a given role
  • The chances of filling the role
  • The reasons why candidates are not quite right.

It is important that the recruiter is privy to enough knowledge and insight to actively sell the client’s organisation, the role and the opportunity to candidates.

At Conspicuous we have found that we are best at attracting talent when we are party to an organisation’s future plans. We can then:

  • be proactive rather than reactive for our client
  • keep a watchful eye on candidates’ status and availability for upcoming roles

Pitfalls to avoid

Perhaps the most significant problem for any client to avoid is when two agents claim a fee for the introduction of a candidate. If you are working with multiple recruiters this can be avoided by:

  • Having a dedicated email address to have CVs sent to so you can track submissions
  • Ensuring recruiters have permission to submit a candidate’s details.

Other pitfalls may include signing an exclusive agreement with an agency that then fails to deliver or doesn’t understand your brief.

Next steps

Working with a good recruiter will add value to the entire selection and onboarding process bringing the best available talent to your organisation. Conspicuous can help with every step of that process. To access our experience in the CRM and ERP market please get in touch.

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