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Outplacement services

The Conspicuous Outplacement Service is for:

  • Clients who need to make redundancies and are looking to help their employees move on to their next opportunity
  • Employees to help put them in the best possible position to find their next role.

How it works

Our clients will be given online access to the Conspicuous Outplacement Service. You can then provide log-in details to your employees in order to access the online support and guidance.

The consultants at Conspicuous can then help redundant employees prepare to find their next role.

Why it works for the client

The Conspicuous Outplacement Service is free to all our clients.

By offering redundant staff outplacement support you will be:

  • Seen to be ‘doing the right thing’ by remaining staff despite having to let people go
  • Thought of as a good employer who looked after employees during redundancy, and in theory will avoid bad online reviews.

The service to the employee

The Conspicuous Outplacement service currently offers support and guidance in 10 areas:

  1. Your wellbeing
  2. Self-awareness
  3. CV preparation
  4. Using LinkedIn
  5. Networking and building your personal brand
  6. Understanding the job market
  7. Working with recruiters and the search process
  8. Applying for jobs
  9. Interview and presentation skills
  10. Onboarding and longer-term career mapping

Next Steps

If your company is facing the prospect of making staff redundant reach out to us at Conspicuous to see how our outplacement service can help you support your employees and protect your reputation as a good employer.

01483 233 000 / 646 202 1761