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Finding your employee

Finding your right employee

Finding your right employee

Once you have the job description the next task is to find your ideal candidate.

There are several different routes to take and all have pros and cons.

1. Job boards

Job boards offer candidates who are currently looking for new opportunities. Often this can be a rich vein of quality talent. They tend to be relatively inexpensive and easily accessible.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers professional profiles and so you can see who you would ideally like to recruit. There is a mix of freelancers and permanent employees with most not actively looking or open to new opportunities.

LinkedIn is improving its offerings in terms of its searching, projects, and ability to use algorithms to suggest profiles.

3. Networking directly

If you have the time and ability to directly network through your own channels, this offers the optimum recruitment solution.

The pros are that it is free and you should find a ‘like-minded soul’. The disadvantages are that it takes time and effort and may not offer much in terms of diversity to your team.

4. Using a recruiter

Using a dedicated recruiter to find your ideal candidate frees your time for other aspects of your role. A dedicated recruiter will either be working on a fee based on results or an executive search basis, either way, they should have access to networks and candidates who are beyond your reach.

A recruiter should ideally have in-depth market knowledge coupled with the ability to understand your business and the type of candidate you are looking for. A recruiter should be able to sell your company over the competition as well as help to facilitate the process and then the onboarding.