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Using LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn activity

The more you post, like and share on LinkedIn, the more “real” you appear to potential clients.

The more real and genuine you appear; the more clients are likely to engage and connect with you.

“But I don’t have any connections…”

Everyone starts with 0 connections

The more relevant activity you generate and engage with, the more people will organically follow you.

The more your colleagues and contacts like and share your content, the more reach your activity has, and the bigger chance their audience will connect with you.

What activity is the best activity?

  •  News, new companies, investments, events, blogs
  •  Commenting on relevant articles – give your opinion/experience
  •  What trends do YOU see happening in your industry?

Try to keep your posts open for discussion. Ask questions, be engaging, and be “controversial” if you can back it up!

Avoid posting job after job. If you can’t avoid this. Alternate between graphics and videos.