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Networking and your personal brand

Why your personal brand matters

Personal Branding: A Crucial Guide

Do you want to be in charge of your career? To find the best opportunities, and carve out a future that combines your passion and vision?

Then you need to tighten up your personal brand. “But I’m a person, not a brand!” we hear you cry.

Don’t worry – this isn’t about reducing yourself down to a few slogans and buzzwords. Far from it: It’s about refining the way you present yourself to the world, within a coherent and compelling career narrative.

A clear narrative communicates your values, beliefs, and ideals. It determines people’s expectations of how you will perform in – and what you will bring to – the situations you may encounter in your professional life.

Getting your personal branding right is vital

They say you can’t make a second first impression. An expertly packaged personal brand empowers you to make the right one. It will encapsulate your experience, skills, talents, and personality, letting you communicate with impact and influence.

Gone are the days when personal branding was limited to politicians, celebrities, and other leaders. Now, with the advent of social media, everybody has a personal brand. Will you step up to the plate and make it work hard for you?

Will you make yourself noticeable and memorable for the reasons you want to be? Answering yes will open up a world of career rewards. Rather than drifting lazily along, you will curate and cultivate how the people around you perceive you.

Answering yes will empower you to win over those around you by being consistent with your values. This, in turn, will pave the way for you to take decisive steps toward your goals and achieve your career vision.

A well-crafted personal brand will distinguish you from others and give you a competitive edge. Imagine two candidates with similar skill sets but very different personal branding: The candidate perceived as being a better fit will often take the role – and it’s their personal brand that communicates this.

Within an organisation, a reliable brand lends you clout. It contributes to the success of the ideas you pitch. It can help your chances when putting yourself forward for promotion. It can even go toward attracting investors to the business. So, if you’re still wondering about the importance of personal branding: It’s massive.