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Interview and presentation skills

Nailing video interviews

Video interviews have become common practice following the COVID-19 pandemic. Although video interviews are less nerve-wracking in some ways, they can make it more difficult to get your character across and connect with the interviewer.

Make sure you enter your video interview on the right foot by reading these 7 tips.

1. Make sure you are presentable 

Dress up for the occasion as if you were going into their office. Ask your recruiter for their advice if you are unsure. 

2. Have a suitable background 

You want 100% of the attention to be on you and what you are saying. Blur the background or ensure the visible space behind you is clean, neat and tidy. 

3. Lights, sound, camera – Action 

Make sure to check your audio output and input settings on your speakers and microphone. Ideally have a desk light in front of you rather than the lighting or a window from behind. Ensure the camera is above your face, this may require raising the laptop. 

4. Remember you are on camera 

Try to treat this like you were in the room with the interviewer. That way you will always have your attention on engaging that person, as well as reducing the chance of getting distracted by what’s around you. 

5. Be enthusiastic 

Be assertive and talk with genuine passion about your niche. Show how much you love what you do. Do that, and you’re setting yourself up for success.  

6. Dress to impress 

Dress as you would for an in-person interview, it helps to boost those confidence levels. Don’t be too flashy.  

7. Be prepared 

Have your CV and job description ready. Have some speaking points prepared and have good answers for the standard interview questions.