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Self awareness

The growth mindset

Growth Mindset Activity

How we view our ability to grow and change in a world that is growing and changing can be fundamental to the way that we feel.

You may believe that you are born with the knowledge, skills and abilities that you have right now, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change that. When change happens around you it can be extra stressful because you are certain that you cannot grow your knowledge, skills and abilities to survive that change.

By contrast, if your belief is that the knowledge, skills and abilities that you are born with can be grown through application, learning and experience, then you are likely to see change as more of a catalyst for doing or learning something new.

Times of crisis are also times of massive experiential learning, so if your view of the world is from a fixed mindset, you are likely to be feeling even more stress and pressure than others who believe they will find a way to overcome what lies ahead.

Your activity today is to pause and reflect on the last 12 months of your life. Consider some of the things you have already learned during this time.

  • What are some of the obstacles that you have faced?
  • How have you overcome them?
  • Who do you know who has overcome obstacles, or learned something new?
  • How did they achieve this?

The answers you have provided should act as evidence of your potential to change and grow in trying times, be proud of yourself for what you have already overcome and move forward with a new mindset primed for the growth you are capable of achieving.