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Self awareness

Managing yourself: beliefs


All of us have beliefs that influence the way we think and act.  If you don’t believe you are good at running meetings, it’s likely that this belief will affect your capability to do so and be evident to others in the way you behave.  Alternatively, if you develop your skills and build your confidence in that area you may be surprised to find your belief in your ability has changed. 

Beliefs, along with values generally operate unconsciously for us, that is they are outside of our conscious awareness, which is how people can have strongly held views that influence everything they say and do.

What you hold dear to you and what you believe to be important has evolved throughout your lifetime.  Every experience you have had and every person you have met will have in some way shaped your values and beliefs. 

Individuals are not always consistent and may simultaneously hold beliefs that are contradictory, and this can result in them feeling pulled in opposite directions and create an internal conflict.

Belief systems are often about the stories we tell ourselves and we need to check and ask ourselves if this ‘story’ is true, kind and helpful. If not, we may need to rethink our story.

The Belief Change Tool 

This simple and powerful 7-step belief-changing tool is something you can use to explore and reassess your core beliefs and the limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.

A belief is a simple acceptance that something is true – most often without any proof that it actually is.

Think about a belief you have – perhaps it’s a negative one.  Ask yourself the following:

  • Is this statement 100% true?
  • Are you 100% sure it is true?
  • What does holding onto this belief do to you?
  • Who will you become in 10 years as a result of holding on to this belief?
  • What will the cost be in 10 years if this belief is not changed now?
  • Who would you become and how would you act without that old belief?
  • Now that you’ve examined your negative belief, the final step is to generate a new positive belief.
  • What is your new belief? 

It is suggested you write down your new belief and look at it every day with intention in order to embed it into your belief system.