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Interview and presentation skills

Finishing an interview strongly

To close the interview and round up successfully, ask:

“Is there anything about my background or skills that you have concerns about or anything else you would like to know about me?” 

Closing questions – questions to find out the current situation and where you stand which might include: 

  • What is your normal interview process? 
  • Will there be a second/third interview as I am interested and want to make sure I am available? 
  • Have you seen many people? 
  • Are there any qualities you are looking for that you have not seen in me? 
  • When are you making the final decision? 
  • I have really enjoyed this interview, and am extremely interested in the position: when do you think will I hear back? 
  • Do you have any reservations about my application at this stage? 

“As I said, I am very interested in this position and hope that I shall be selected, should you want to ask me anything please do not hesitate to contact me through the agency.” 

We would always recommend stressing that the role, the company, and the longer-term opportunity are more important than the money.  

If a client does make an offer at the end of the interview and this offer is less than you expected, we would recommend saying “Many thanks” and asking for 24 hours to think it over.  

Then you would leave it to your recruitment consultant to negotiate accordingly on your behalf. 

And finally,

Always thank the client at the end of the interview and express that you are keen on the opportunity, assuming that this is the case.