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The search process

Choose your agency with care

Be selective in your choice of recruitment agency 

It is really worth considering which recruitment consultancies would be best for you and your search. The process should be a partnership between you and your consultant. 

We would always recommend limiting the number of recruitment agencies to just one or two initially and then branching out after a couple of weeks if you are not happy with the opportunities presented. 

We would recommend picking a recruitment agency that specialises in the market that you are looking at, as they should cover the majority of the roles in that marketplace.  

What you might expect from a recruiter 

A good recruiter offers a partnership, they should know you and your career aspirations. They should know the market and both current and potential opportunities which you should be open to exploring. 

  • The partnership should be open and honest. 
  • A good recruiter should have effective communication with candidates and clients. 
  • A recruiter should have the ability to open the doors and offer advice when asked. 
  • A good recruiter shouldn’t tell you what to do, this is your career and your decision.  

Be aware of the pitfalls 

Most recruiters are paid a bonus for finding clients their ideal candidate, it is a sales role. Beware of the recruiters who are looking to put their companies and personal profits before your career. Feel free to talk to colleagues, read testimonials and look for recommendations.