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Applying for jobs

Completing an application form

Applying for jobs  

With the job market full of potential candidates and applicants, it’s crucial that you stand out to give yourself a chance of landing the perfect job.

If you’ve already begun the application process, you’ll have noticed that many others are applying for the same job(s) as you. To secure your chances, it’s critical to impress your potential employer before ever meeting in person.

Here are 5 ways to stand out to your potential employer via the application process:      

Completing an application form 

1. Gather relevant information

  • Work history
  • Qualifications
  • References

When you go to complete an application form, make sure you’ve gathered all the relevant information together such as your work history, qualifications, and references, so you don’t miss anything. You shouldn’t rush this process, be thorough and show that you are willing to put in the time for your potential employer.   

2. Conduct company research

  • Understand the company’s expectations
  • Plan application content

Before you begin, carry out some research on the company so you can understand what they want from you and plan what you’re going to include in your application. Everything you write needs to be relevant to the specific job you are applying for.   

3. Crafting a winning CV and cover letter

  • Use statistics and figures
  • Quantify your accomplishments
  • Tailor your CV and cover letter

Crafting the perfect CV and cover letter is essential. A surefire way of impressing your potential employer is by using statistics and figures. If you have made a positive impact at a previous employer, quantify these accomplishments. This will allow the hiring manager to picture what you are capable of bringing to their company.   

4. Addressing pain points

  • Identify the organisation’s concerns
  • Address pain points in your CV and cover letter
  • Demonstrate your skills and achievements

Having researched the company previously, try and identify the organisation’s concerns and problems, also known as ‘pain points’. You can use this knowledge to tailor your CV and cover letter accordingly. Show them how you can personally address their pain points – make a clear connection between the company’s needs and your specific skills and achievements. Spell out why they need to hire you.   

5. Show how you fit into the organisation

  • Give examples of transferable skills
  • Highlight how you will contribute to the company’s goals

A deciding factor in choosing the right candidate will be if they can picture you fitting into the organisation. Spell out how you will fit into the position and the company’s goals. If you can, give some examples of how your past experience is transferable, this will show that you’ve put a lot of thought into what your place will be within the organisation and will impress the hiring manager.