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Onboarding and your career

Engage a mentor

Mentorship is growing in popularity and can play a massive role in career progression. As well as the knowledge and experience mentors can bring you, it’s also just always nice to feel supported throughout your career journey. 

What is a mentor? 

A mentor is someone with particular expertise that they are willing to share with you. Traditionally, mentorships have been an older, more experienced person taking on a younger person just starting out in the industry. However now, cross-generational mentorships have become more common and can be highly beneficial. Rather than age and years of experience being a defining factor in the relationship, it is more knowledge and wisdom that is of the most value.  

3 tips for keeping a good relationship with your mentor:

1. Be transparent 

Be clear with your mentor on your goals of the relationship and what you want out of it. Honesty is key to any mentorship and you must be willing to accept all feedback that your mentor gives you. Remember – they won’t judge you and have your best interests at heart.  

2. Respect your mentor 

It is also crucial that you and your mentor respect each other both personally and professionally. Remember that they are committing their time to help you, so it is essential that you are always punctual at meetings and do any extra tasks that they assign to you. It is important to play your part in the relationship by displaying your gratitude and respect!  

3. You give and you get 

Is there any way that you could bring value to your mentor? Maybe they have a problem that you could assist in overcoming, or need a hand with some research. Don’t shy away from offering advice, as it is likely that they will highly appreciate it. Mentorships work both ways and give the opportunity to learn from each other. By doing so, your relationship will grow stronger and more valuable.