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Self awareness

A motivational check-in

Listed below are a number of factors that may affect your attitude and your motivation levels in your next job.

Have a look at them, and rank the 5 most important to you personally now. In ranking these factors, please assign 1 against the factor that is most important in making you feel motivated, 2 against the next, and so on up to 5.

When you have rated the factors in order of importance for yourself, rate to what extent you are satisfied with the motivational factors you chose (5 being ‘really satisfied’ and 1 being ‘really dissatisfied’).

Knowing your top 5 will give you some idea about what to focus on in your next move.

Your Top 5 Motivational Factors

  • Achievement and results delivered by self and team
  • Career progression
  • Culture of the business
  • Gaining new challenges in the job
  • Interest in the work itself
  • Really happy clients and candidates
  • My boss and my relationship with him/her
  • Personal relationships with colleagues
  • Recognition for good work
  • Responsibility
  • Salary and remuneration
  • Job security and stability
  • Work-life balance
  • Status
  • Good physical working conditions
  • The vision and direction of the business
  • The fun we work
  • Quality of my team

If your big motivator is not on the list above, you can add your own.