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CV preparation

5 Tips to stand out in the market and get a new career

1. Tailor your CV for each job

When applying for jobs it is essential to tailor your CV to each individual job if you want to stand out against your competitors. This doesn’t necessarily mean wholesale changes, but additional relevant information on a particular experience or skill. All CVs must be accomplishment driven as this will give employers the best opportunity at understanding you and your personality.

2. Research the company

In every interview you will be asked, “Can you tell me what you know about this company?” It’s easy to go on their website to look at the ‘About Us’ section but if you really want to stand out then put the proper time into this, this extra mile will be more than worth it in the end. Go onto the internet and see what comes up in the news or on other websites, and see if you can find information on new products or contracts. Researching a company can also give you better questions to ask at the end of an interview; which
itself is a must.

3. Follow-up after your interview

It is always advisable to either call the interviewer or send them an email the evening following your interview or the next day. This is not only good manners, but it gives you an opportunity to remind the interviewer of your experience and highlight your interest in the vacancy.

4. Network, Network, Network

If you want to stand out against your competitors, being recognised in the industry by fellow professionals is a big way to do so. Maintain your online profile and after any meeting, you should add them on LinkedIn, which is used as a key tool for recruitment.

5. Online Reputation Management 

Online reputation management involves ensuring you appear in a positive manner.