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Wellbeing at work: Workplace wellness advice for managers in the hybrid age

23 August 2023
Written by
Tom Rhodes

72% of 9,000 workers in a Slack survey said they prefer hybrid working. Look, it’s here to stay. At least in the short-term. 


With your team likely working in a hybrid configuration, we’re here to give you some concrete tips on how to implement a tailored wellness programme across your hybrid workforce.

Stop micromanaging and state expectations clearly

People don’t respond well to distrust, so give employees their space. 

If there are clear guidelines for what is expected from the start you shouldn’t need to keep checking in. Assess the productivity of the work at the end and adjust as you see fit. Don’t be a micromanager and make your expectations clear.

Don’t create more work than necessary

Burnout can happen when the workload is too much to handle. Since the pandemic, meeting times have increased by 13% and the average work day is now 48 minutes longer. 

Sometimes employees work harder at home to prove they are working. Nobody wants burnt-out reports, so to limit the extra work your team does by encouraging them to be honest with you about whether they think a particular task can be completed within their fixed working hours.   

Minimize meetings

Screen meetings, just like in-person ones, can be a tool for good or evil. Give your team members their independence and let them get on with things with as few disruptions as you can. 

  • Can your meeting be an email? 
  • Does it need to be the whole team?
  • Could it be a 5-minute phone call instead?

Consider workplace inclusion

Give your employees the equipment they need to do their job from home. This might mean replacing desktops with laptops. It might mean allowing them to take their current workstations home and buying new equipment for the office. 

Another consideration – particularly for younger employees – is that many people go to the office to escape difficult home lives. Flat sharing with 4 other 20-somethings can be challenging when it’s 24/7. If you can, allow people to be in the office as much as they want.

Provide a space to talk

Create a team culture where everyone feels like they have the space to talk. Remind people that your door is open (even if virtually.) 

Community chatrooms and virtual events may help those that need them – but remember, optionality is key. Remember: you’re leaving them be.

Consider flexible hours

A benefit hybrid working affords is the ability for team members to choose how and when they work. 

Flexibility is key. 

Trust is the only way you’re going to be able to make it work. 

If you have parents on your team who might be looking after a kid on a sick day, give them the space they need, and trust them to get their work done around their other responsibilities. 

Looking to build a team with a great hybrid culture? 

Conspicuous’s approach to team resourcing is consultative and driven by a deep understanding of your workplace culture. 
We can provide guidance to ensure your team’s wellbeing at work from the outset, giving you tools and tips to create a world-leading hybrid culture. To recruit and manage employees in the D365 and Power Platform space, get in touch.

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