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The questions you’d be mad not to ask in your Dynamics job interview

Our consultants spend the vast majority of their time locating the best talent for our clients. The job interview is one of the many challenges candidates face during their hiring process, with questions being thrown their way to gauge their suitability. But you should always remember that the interviewer-interviewee relationship isn’t 100% anti-symmetric. There are … Continued

Where the Cloud and Dynamics CRM collide

If you’re in a Dynamics CRM job, one thing that should be at the forefront of your mind should be how Microsoft is bringing together its suite of Dynamics platforms with its cloud service, Azure. Here, we examine how Dynamics CRM, in particular, has emerged as a fully integrated platform, giving Dynamics developers limitless, unbounded … Continued

The best emerging sectors for Dynamics CRM jobs

If you’re looking for Microsoft Dynamics CRM jobs, it’s wise to have a working knowledge of the various sectors CRM plays a role in. At Conspicuous, we spend much of our time finding candidates their ideal CRM roles, along with finding end-users in a wide variety of verticals the perfect resource. As a Dynamics CRM … Continued

Spotlighting NAV solutions

No end-user has the same requirements, and this means that the job of the partner is to discover those end-user needs, and to tailor an implementation of Dynamics NAV to them. If you’re looking to be an end-user of NAV solutions to improve your business, here is just a flavour of some of the solutions … Continued